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A global LNG infrastructure platform, AG&P creates, owns and operates networks that deliver clean energy to our customers.

AG&P develops LNG ecosystems that help terminals and downstream networks become reality faster, more economically and with proven, efficient solutions.

AG&P is backed by blue-chip shareholders, such as I Squared Capital, Asiya Investments and Osaka Gas, as well as the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) and Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation (JOIN), both arms of the Government of Japan.

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We are leading the transition to cleaner energy with scalable infrastructure solutions.

Our services include project development, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning for onshore and offshore gas infrastructure, LNG logistics, LNG marketing and distribution of natural gas to the power, industrial, commercial, transport and domestic sectors.

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AG&P has a deep commitment to protecting our environment and our community through responsible action wherever we do business.

Our ESG program ensures we fulfill our commitment to building a long-term, sustainable energy solutions business, which will grow, provide employment and generate economic benefit in an environmentally- and socially-responsible manner.

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Flexible. Scalable. Sustainable.

LNG Terminals & Logistics

AG&P develops, owns and operates the downstream LNG / Natural Gas (NG) ecosystem, including LNG regasification terminals, LNG-to-power integrated solutions, City Gas Distribution (CGD) and LNG bunkering.

Our scalable floating and onshore LNG terminals, proprietary regasification solutions and break-bulking capabilities accelerate access to natural gas in new and growing demand centers more efficiently and with more commercially-compelling solutions.

LNG Technology

We are proud to lead the global energy transition to cleaner fuels through GAS Entec, our energy advisory and technology firm, headquartered in Singapore with engineering offices in South Korea. We design and build cutting-edge floating and onshore LNG infrastructure powered by our proprietary plug-and-play products and advanced LNG technical solutions. We bring innovation to the LNG ecosystem and enable the introduction and accelerated adoption of LNG to gas-starved demand centers.

City Gas Distribution

Through our city gas distribution networks, we deliver clean energy safely and efficiently to household, transport, industrial and commercial customers. Wherever we go, we are committed to generate economic benefit for our communities.

For example, our CGD portfolio in India includes concessions, covering 28 districts across 8% of India and ~80 million people, making us one of the largest private energy players in the country.

Bringing Cleaner Energy. To You.

AG&P is leading the global transition to cleaner energy. We are one of the world’s fastest-growing downstream LNG and gas logistics companies, rolling out large-scale infrastructure in South & Southeast Asia and beyond.

AG&P develops LNG ecosystems that help terminals and downstream networks become a reality faster, more economically and with proven, efficient solutions.

Our innovative technology, sourcing, logistics and commercial frameworks allow us to roll out the right solution for each customer, leveraging standardization when possible and flexible solutions when required.

AG&P delivers our fuel directly from an entry terminal through our network to our customers’ homes, factories, vehicles, power plants or other locations for vibrant and growing markets.

Our commitment: we work hard to make clean energy the compelling choice, as well as the right one.


AG&P-owned, operated and under development LNG terminals.


Third-party LNG terminals executed or under development.


People to be connected to natural gas in India.


Safe work-hours since February 2020.

Refueling Customers. Refueling Lives.

Revitalizing Energy. Revitalizing Communities.

Our commitment to sustainability goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to bringing clean energy to our communities. We believe in socially- and environmentally-responsible action wherever we do business, from providing disaster relief to creating world-class employment opportunities. Learn more about our positive impact.

Engineering & Construction

Our Engineering & Construction team executes award-winning Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning (EPCIC) and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) for marquee projects globally with extensive experience in LNG and natural gas.