AG&P is making natural gas accessible in nascent and growing markets, unlocking markets and accelerating its adoption globally.

As developer, owner and operator of the downstream LNG / NG platform, AG&P is driving infrastructure development, linking natural gas supply to end-consumers through its fit-for-purpose LNG regasification terminals, LNG-to-power integrated solutions, City Gas Distribution and LNG bunkering assets.

LNG Terminals

AG&P owns, develops and builds LNG import terminals to open markets with latent demand.

By using proprietary onshore or offshore regasification modules and innovative storage solutions, AG&P accelerates the execution of LNG import facilities.

Our technical solutions address gaps in the NG value chain that prevent access to end-users. Our expertise unlocks markets and helps these terminals and downstream networks become a reality faster, more economically and with proven, efficient solutions.

LNG Trucking / Localized Pipeline

AG&P offers a complete LNG distribution and logistics solution, including LNG procurement, LNG transportation and onsite LNG processing equipment.

Our onshore LNG trucking network includes mother and daughter stations where LNG is delivered direct as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for distribution via truck or pipeline to fueling stations and industrial, commercial and residential customers. This infrastructure is part of our City Gas Distribution networks in India, where we operate a fleet of LNG trucks.

Our LNG-by-truck delivery gives us immediate supply access to industrial customers not currently connected to existing gas infrastructure. 

LNG Break-bulking and Bunkering

AG&P co-invests and co-owns LNG bunkering infrastructure. Our customers also benefit from our global accreditations, with AG&P being the only credentialed company approved by JMU (Japan Marine United Corporation) to construct SPB LNG tanks and only one of a few global GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz) licensees for LNG membrane tanks. AG&P also provides Type C tanks when appropriate. We are agnostic and focused on an optimized solution.

AG&P’s Philippines LNG (PHLNG) Import Terminal

AG&P is readying its Philippines LNG (PHLNG) for Q1 2023 commissioning to supply gas to one of the largest power producers in the country – SMC Global Power.

  • Terminal capacity of 5 MTPA
  • First hybrid LNG terminal – FSU and onshore storage to maximize availability
  • Scalable LNG terminal with modular regas solution onshore
  • First LNG import facility in the entire Philippines

Karaikal LNG Terminal & Downstream (India)

AG&P is developing an LNG terminal in India to provide LNG and NG supply to various customers.

  • Terminal capacity of 5 MTPA
  • Scalable capacity to meet demand from multiple off-takers

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