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Building clean energy networks.
Country by country.

A global downstream LNG infrastructure platform, AG&P singularly brings a commercially viable, practical, and innovative LNG / NG solution, rolling out multiple LNG import terminals and linked city gas operations.

AG&P uses its unique technology and LNG ecosystem allowing accelerated adoption of downstream demand infrastructure across underdeveloped, developing and developed markets.

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Creating LNG ecosystems powered by cutting-edge technology across diverse markets worldwide.

AG&P develops an LNG ecosystem that increases the speeds at which terminals and downstream networks, solutions and partnerships are realized, with economy and efficiency.

Our services include project development, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning for onshore and offshore gas infrastructure, LNG logistics, LNG marketing and distribution of natural gas to the power, industrial, commercial, transport and domestic sectors.

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Establishing energy security. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Improving quality of life.

AG&P is building clean energy networks globally through our cutting-edge technology solutions, enabling economies to prosper, communities to grow and for our nature to refuel.

Our ESG programs, powered by our sustainability philosophy, provide employment, promote self-reliance and generate economic benefit in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, improving the quality of life for millions.

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Practicable. Scalable. Reliable.

LNG Terminals & Logistics

Providing direct access, supplier linkage and de-commoditization of LNG through our terminals and city gas networks

LNG Technology

Accelerating the adoption of clean energy networks across geographies through our cutting-edge technology

City Gas Distribution

Making clean energy network a reality, accessible to all, anywhere – today.

Bringing clean energy to your doorstep. Always on.

In India, AG&P has won CGD concessions that is the size of Germany and is delivering a network of 1,500 CNG stations to serve transport customers, laying 17,000 inch-km of pipeline and connecting 10 million households over this decade.

In the Philippines, AG&P is bringing online the first LNG-to-power import terminal in the country in Q1 2023.

In Africa, AG&P’s subsidiary, GAS Entec, built the first modular FSRU that delivers LNG to 236MW floating power plant for the Senegal shoreline.

In Indonesia, AG&P has 100% market share in small-scale floating LNG terminal.

Our commitment: we work hard to make clean energy the compelling choice, as well as the right one.


LNG terminal under construction, shortly operational


LNG terminals in development, 2 in advanced stages


Households to be connected to natural gas


Safe work-hours since February 2020

Drive your vehicle.
Operate your business.
Run your home.
In confidence.

Refueling a better world. Dependable partner for renewables.

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