ESG: Our sustainability commitment towards a carbon-neutral future.

AG&P’s ESG framework continues to evolve and grow as new initiatives to deliver clean and affordable energy are developed, operate within a rigorous compliance structure and industry standard, market-leading benchmarks for environmental and social performance.

AG&P develops LNG platforms that unlock markets and enable transition to natural gas, a clean source of energy.  Natural gas reduces pollution and helps maintain a healthy environment. Upon combustion, natural gas releases negligible sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides and no ash or particulate matter compared to the traditional hydrocarbons. Natural gas is also a necessary and dependable partner for solving volatility issues of renewable energy.  AG&P is committed to accelerating the adoption of natural gas through its innovative technical and commercial solutions and LNG platform and help achieve net zero in the battle of climate change versus energy.

LNG is the green transfer fuel to bolster the acceleration of renewable power in the countries in which we operate.

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