Driving the energy transition to clean fuel

Natural gas, with lower emissions plays a crucial role in energy transition. It is the dependable partner for solving volatility of renewable energy. Renewable energy cannot supply reliable energy alone. Gas-fired power plants solve solar, hydro and wind’s volatility issues. Intermittent supply of renewable energy (exacerbated by climate change) can threaten the stability of the entire power grid.

Renewables thus require alternative, stable fuel capacity to support their intermittency.  For most markets, natural gas is the cleanest and most commercially preferred source of stable capacity for a power system and works hand-in-glove with renewables.  Our LNG platforms accelerate adoption of natural gas in new and growing markets globally, driving the energy transition to clean fuel.

As a responsible custodian of natural resources, our goal is to minimize our environmental impact. We are committed to growing our business with the least adverse effect on the environment, lowering carbon emissions and by consistently meeting global standards in health and safety.

Our Core Environmental Principals

Environmental regulatory compliance
Efficient energy and resources management
Lowering pollution / carbon emissions
Responsible disposal of hazardous waste
Waste management program
Technology & process innovation
Health & safety compliance