AG&P Energy Division: A vertically-integrated downstream LNG infrastructure platform

Refueling economies, we develop LNG import and regasification facilities as well as downstream city gas networks. AG&P also provides engineering and project management services for LNG and other infrastructure.

Our Vision 

AG&P refuels and transitions our invaluable customers in vibrant and growing markets to cleaner energy, which we deliver directly from an entry terminal, through our network, to their home, factory, vehicle, power plant or other location. It is our responsibility to be an important, but silent, partner helping people rise and industries thrive. We are always there, quietly doing our job.

Our Mission

AG&P creates, owns and operates networks that deliver clean energy to customers. We rely on innovative technology, sourcing, logistics and business and legal frameworks to roll out the right solution for each customer, leveraging standardization when possible and flexible solutions when required. We work hard to make clean energy the compelling choice, as well as the right one. AG&P may span countries, but we are a unified platform, united by a repository of shared information and experience.

Our Values

Our values guide our daily decision-making and how we work.


We take roads less traveled, embrace change and speak up on important issues.


We foster an inclusive and collaborative global team, the best cross-section of value and talent in the world.


We embody innovation. We create technologies and processes to solve complex industry problems and address our customers’ needs.


We live by our commitments, consistently, in everything we do.


We reward merit, nurture talent and refuel careers with new and exciting opportunities for growth.

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